About Us

Event Consult is a full-service consulting, venue finding, event and social media consultancy because we are great at a few things!

We consult with corporate event professionals to help motivate, inspire and coach them to the career they want. We work with venues and properties to help bridge the gap between the two.

We provide free venue finding and base our proposals on our experience so you get what you need, first time and not the same regurgitated proposal over and over.

We plan, manage and deliver events that are creative, inspiring and motivating. We go the extra mile to ensure every aspect is taken care of.

You will notice the difference in the detail.

Having certifications and a vast level of experience in Social Media means we know what managing social media accounts well looks like. We know how to engage, we know what times work best for which accounts and we know that constant content is tantamount to success. We manage our client’s accounts for a low cost, fixed fee each month. This suits those that don’t have the skill set, nor the headcount for their own dedicated social media manager. Drop us a line here for our pricing schedule.

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