What to wear

I have just found the best event dress for conferences. This one has really deep pockets, knee length and that ever important.. dull black when your working on-site.

Have a look, £45.00 from M&S and runs quite big so go down a size!

M&S Dress for work
She’s pretty tall – its not that short on me! 








Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean you have to wear black… every single day!

Everyone knows I love an Asos Wiggle Dress and this one is perfect forasos wiggle dress winter to add a little bit of colour. It is a good length and has those all important pockets.  Currently £22.50 at Asos.com. I’ve got 3 of them in different colours!



The Emma by Hobbs

Is my new favourite work dress for winter.  It is really warm and it has those all important pockets for pens, gum, extra badges and the thousand other things I tend to shove in my pockets.  On sale at the moment for £58.00 at HOF! Get one.. I am!



My all time favourite dress to wear when running events is the Wiggle Dress. It is a respectable length (lol), has the all important pockets and looks great. This one I have bought and sent back twice. One size is too small, one is too big! I either need to gain or loose weight in order for it to fit which is tempting! You can buy it from the Asos site in petite, regular or tall for £35.00 at the moment! bargain!

I love this jumpsuit from Finery and at only £75.00 it looks very smart for running an event and being comfortable! what do you think?


Event Managers need pockets. #fact. So many times I have made the mistake of wearing a dress or suit without pockets and it is painful. You need pockets for your pens, phone, lists, gum, lipstick, mirror and the other 5000 other things you may need.

I think I have found event dress gold. I have no less that 6 of these dresses in a variety of colours that look smart and just work well. The Wiggle Dress from Asos will set you back about £45.00  and I am obsessed.  Have a look!

click here to buy the wiggle dress