These canapés are exhausting

Working in events is amazing but more and more I am finding myself turning down a night of free exotic cocktails and canapés for a night watching come dine with me on the couch!!

Working as a corporate event planner means you can literally be out every single night of the week sampling london’s finest or, in some cases, the worlds finest all as a guest! I have been on some amazing hosted trips but lately I find myself turning them down for a night in!!! It’s like when I was a flight attendant and would call in sick for a trip to Paris for a night on the lash with my friends!!! What was I thinking????

This week I went to visit what will be, in less than a month, the home of sushisamba..it is going to be amazing!!! Floor to ceiling, 40th floor views of London! It rivals any other view of london I have seen and I cannot wait until the opening in June!!!

Last night I attended a networking event on board the hms president on the embankment!! Great event!! Some really great suppliers and of course amazing canapés and wine!!! I ran into so many colleagues from days gone by, was so good!!!

All in all a god week in events!!! Need a weekend to recover!

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