Burger & Lobster


I have wanted  to try Burger & Lobster for some time. Those that know me know that I prefer a burger over almost anything and whilst I err on the side of beef, I don’t mind a chicken burger either! Last Monday was my best friends birthday so group of 10 of us descended on the Bread Street, St Pauls branch For her celebratory dinner.  We arrived on time and whilst our table wasn’t quite ready, space in the bar made it ok! Whilst the wine list was just as minamilist  as the menu, we managed to find a Sauvignon for £30.00. 

After around 15 minutes we were shown to our table were our lovely waitress proceeded to go through the rather extensive list of different sized lobsters available, the lobster in the brioche or, what I was waiting for, the different burger options! There was one but with the option to add bacon and cheese it seemed the likely choice.  

Being a Monday we only stayed for an hour, the place though, for a Monday was packed and had quite a Friday night vibe. The food was delicious, we all enjoyed our choices along with the obligatory lobster claw photos and at only £20.00 per main…I think we will be back…if only to wear the bibs again!!