I am one of those people that juggle six different things a day on top of my already long working day.

I will get up at 5.00 am to run, work at 8.00 am, study in my lunch break, out for dinner with friends after work and then email at least 3 friends and family members on the way home! In short, I am a machine so when I get sick I really feel it.

Am laying here now on my lovely pull out sofa for day 2.5 straight, surrounded by Panadol, tissues and green tea and googling “how to make a million pounds” (evidently quite easy?!) and wondering what to do next! Am bored! When I get to work on a Monday and ask people what they got up to on the weekend only to be met with “nothing just had a lazy one” it gives me the major irrits!! So what you didn’t go for a walk, or go watch a film or go to the gym or leave the house?? At all? Whilst I appreciate people don’t always have the money to do “things”, a walk is free isn’t it you lazy person?

I have been home for a few days and its killing me!!! Each to their own and all but one thing this being sick has taught me is that whilst I may be sick as the result of all I try and squeeze into my life, I wouldn’t change it for the world!!