Last meal

I’m currently watching a movie which is quite shit to be honest. That aside he is about to throw himself of the Rosevelt hotel in NYC so is quite bloody rightly, sitting down to his last apparent meal (it’s paused at the moment, I don’t quite yet know how it ends)! It did however get me thinking. What would be my last meal? What is my favourite meal? At 35 I should know!

I’m quite partial to chips but do chips constitute a last meal? Would it have to be chips and egg? or ham, chips and beans so as to avoid top-yourself snobbery? I do love a steak but god …. what disappointment would ensue if they didn’t cook it properly? I once had someone microwave steak and serve it up all gristly around the edges. That turned me off for years and I wouldn’t want to part this life with less than fond feelings for my old friend the steak! I suppose I could request ice cream as I’m sure a mate of mine would but what if that too was shit? What if they served up Tesco’s Finest rather than Ben & Jerrys.

Chips are like sex, even when they are bad the are still good (edible) they are like cheap wine. The first glass is god awful but you’ll still finish the bottle!

Glad I’ve paused to ponder