Aqua Shard

ImageAfter my experience with Oblix, the first restaurant to open in the shard I was quite excited to try Aqua, the newest restaurant on the 32nd floor!

As soon as my google alert “alerted” me to its opening I booked a table for lunch and off I went today with my soon-to-be family for lunch!

Our booking was for 7 and when told our table would only be held for 15 minutes from booking time, we made sure we were there 5 minutes early which proved pointless as we were held in the foyer of the shard until exactly 12.00 with all the other patrons until told we could go up!

Greeted warmly, after an ear popping journey to the 32nd floor we were shown to our table, given our menus and proceeded to ohhh and ahhh over the view! The view as you can imagine is spectacular, sweeping views emphasise why london really is the best city in the world!

Before we went, I read copious reviews all raving about the food, I cannot rave about any of it (well apart from the buttery mash) so I will just move swiftly on to the presentation which was fabulous!

I was somewhat disappointed with the service, one waitress told me no fewer than 3 times that we had the table for only 2.5 hours which was somewhat irritating as the restaurant wasn’t full! Our waiter however was lovely and attentive which was great!

Would I go back? Maybe……