Ramsay’s Union Street Cafe…

Just south of the Thames, in a place known mainly for its weekend market (Borough), Gordon Ramsay is a week short of opening his latest restaurant venture….

Whilst any new Ramsay opening usually sparks quite the interest, the opening of Union Street Cafe has sent the restaurant loving London into a frenzy.  According to some online media, on opening the booking line for Union Street, there was an incredible 2500 bookings taken in just 4 hours! I am pleased to say that 2 of those bookings were mine. 

When Bread Street (one of Ramsay’s other ventures) opened in One New Change a year or so back I wasn’t that enthused and to date I’m still not.  I use it for breakfast meetings once in a while but its not one of my favourites.  I quite like Petrus and adore The Savoy Grill but none of his restaurants has enticed quite like this one. The draw for me is the reported daily changing menu in which this Mediterranean themed restaurant is playing on its proximity to the famous Borough Market for its produce. 

Booking one for me takes place just 2 days after the opening! Stay tuned!

Book online and see more about Union Street Cafe here!

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