Diner by Jamie Oliver

On a random day out in London yesterday we attempted to get into TGI Fridays (don’t judge) only to be told the wait time was 40 minutes! Spurred on by starvation we decided to keep walking and stumbled upon Diner, a pop up by Jamie Oliver on Shaftesbury Avenue.Diner by Jamie Oliver 5 - 21.12.13

Whilst I am not quite sure how long ago it “popped up”, I can honestly say, I hope it stays.

I’m not partial to Shaftesbury Avenue, I find it grimy and seedy however, with its American styled diner feel, it somehow fits right in. Perched above the avenue, floor to ceiling windows allow you to people watch from a safe distance.

This close to Christmas, I was pleasantly surprised we waited only 15 minutes for a table and as soon as we were shown to our table we loved the place. Big neon signs, friendly staff and a menu that when I say big American food, you will know what I mean.  The menu isn’t huge, it’s all ribs, chili, burgers and I’m sure there is something for the vegetarians there as well.

Obviously, being me, I went straight to the drinks menu which was full of wines, beers and a limited selection of cocktails. I went for the “Hellfire Margarita” that came with its own Chili – it was amazing, albeit hot but I loved it.  I followed this with a lovely glass, (glass being the operative word, not wine glass, but drinking glass) of Sauvignon Blanc that was ok…

Diner by Jamie Oliver 2 - 21.12.13Starters were chicken wings, ribs and avocado chips.  Priced at only £5.00 each they were lovely.  I had a burger with chili on top, as did my Bradley which was not huge but just enough.  Fries/Chips are extra though which I despise of.

Would I go back? yes I most certainly would! The bill came in at £100 for 4 of us and we all had a few drinks each with a main and a starter.. not bad for the seedy avenue!