What a week!

What a week I have had in the event world!

Working in events is never going to be 9 to 5 and this week has been no exception!

On Tuesday evening I attended a social media forum to discuss social media in professional services. Whilst it got off to a slow start some of the insights were… insightful! The panel discussed not only the role social media does play within professional services but how to manage your staff whom are using it. The panel were all very knowledgeable and I learnt a lot!

My thoughts are that whilst of course being professional 99% of the time, there is margin for your members of your firm to show their personality at times to. One of the panel gave an example of how one of their team had tweeted a well received link to a piece of legislation to which attracted many new followers and re-tweets. His tweet prior to that however had been on the weekend when he made a comment about why do they not sell potato and gravy at KFC? ha ha I think it shows him as human and think its very important to bring a bit of your personality to social media!

On Wednesday I had a very busy day at work and then had to dash straight off for a meeting with Whizzfit! We are working together on producing Dodgeball events, our next event will be on 8 March so we had a site meeting to go through a few of the logistics! I can’t wait, we are really excited and we are starting to get a lot of interest.

Dodgeball 1

dodgeball 2







On Thursday we had a major work function that didn’t end until nearly 1 am for me! I could barely walk the next day but everyone has said it was the best party ever. It wasn’t my event as such so my role was to manage the cloak room and registration! It was relentless and very busy but great fun.

Thankfully its now the lovely weekend! I am seeing my girlfriends tonight for dinner at Bills. I can’t wait to see them and of course take loads of pictures of dinner ready for my next blog!

A lot of people wonder how I can fit in a full time (and then some) job, write my blog, produce freelance events and have a social life.. It’s easy if you don’t spend your time watching tv! That and get up A LOT earlier!