If you’re an event manager and you’ve not yet discovered Pinterest, I am about to revolutionise your life!

The minute I am given a brief for an event, from a conference to a cocktail reception, Pinterest is the first website I visit!

Using different boards to save and categorize your different interests, Pinterest is like a mood board for the multitude of areas in your areas, it helps inspire you!

Below is a snapshot of what your boards will look like once you start setting them up and pinning!

superman page

Once you’ve setup your account, use the search function to find what you are looking for. Lets say you are organising your son’s birthday party. Your son loves Superman and wants a Superman birthday party. Your first step would be to set up a board. Lets call it Superman Party. A board is where you save all of your pins. You can share it with your friends so you can all add your own ideas and pins or, you can keep it secret… I have one for our wedding at the moment, I wouldn’t want that to be public until after my wedding!

superman party 1

Once you’ve set up your board you can keep typing in “Superman theme party” or variations to find what people have already found based on that theme. You can re-pin what is already there or, you can even search websites and create new pins in your board based on what you find on the internet.

Once your up and running you can, quite like Twitter, follow other peoples boards and re-pin anything onto yours that you like.

It sounds complicated, it really isn’t! Give it a go!
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