Event Managers and the scales!

Am struggling to walk in anything other than ballet flats! My feet are killing me. It may however be due to carrying a few extra kilos!

This week has been epic! I’ve had to run 2 seminars, 1 of which consisted of a last-minute panel of 12!

Getting up at 5 am is never going to be fun (unless you’re off to Heathrow going on holiday), and this week has definitely not been fun!

Monday started with an Insanity workout followed by a trip to the dentist whom told me to stop brushing my teeth all the time and pretty much set the tone for the whole week! Painful!!

Tuesday, more early morning Insanity and I was lucky enough to go to Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street for lunch. I was the only one unable to drink (sigh) as I had a lot to do that afternoon. I did however have the most amazing lamb shank with mashed potato that meant I was still full for dinner. I adore Bread Street Kitchen, it always bustling and busy and the whole feel of the place is just slick!

Bread Street

Wednesday and Thursday I had seminars and whilst I adore being an event manager the last-minute waiting for speaker presentations, the last-minute room changes and the heart stopping “have I sent out the confirmation for the correct date” means its high stress and can leave you very emotionally charged! There is a lot of crying in our office!

In between my crying and my seminars, I was lucky enough to be in a suite for the National Television Awards on Wednesday which was fun! I had a wine (well 4 (ish)) but knowing you need to get up at 5 kind of puts a downer on it! Being fortunate enough to be in a box is the only way to go though! You may be a distance from the stage but it’s just more civilised.

NTA Awards January 2014NTA Awards 2

Come Thursday, I was up at 5.00 am for my last seminar of the week that was, of course, a resounding success despite the last-minute dash for extra handouts because more people showed up than I had ever planned for! result!!

I was absolutely exhausted but still managed to head out for dinner with my fiance. We went to an amazing tapas restaurant in Weybridge called Los Hermanos. Now whilst the food is wonderful, it’s the owner that always makes the evening for us. He will sit down, have a chat, tell you you’ve ordered too much and he usually recommends wine priced less than what we choose for ourselves! What restaurant owner does that?

Insanity at 6.00 am on Friday to perk me up. I managed to get to work on time and set about clearing my emails. I think people in working in events must receive at least 2000 emails a day. Everything from sales pitches to new restaurants and I hate having more than 10 emails at any one time. I am über anal!! I can never focus!

Lunch was with the team at Jamie’s Italian. We didn’t enjoy it which is a shame. The waiter looked disinterested taking our order, the food was cold and by way of a sorry, we received a free brownie?! I will go back though as this is the first bad experience I have had! It always bugs me when you get unsatisfactory service. It’s not a matter of don’t you know who I am. I am lucky, I live in restaurants. It’s the people who might save for month for a meal out, how we they feel if they received that kind of service!

jamies kitchen january 2014


Its Friday night now and off we head to another meal out. The Running Mare in Cobham. I’ve not been before so quite excited.

I have been complaining all week how fat I am getting… looking at the past 5 days, I wonder why!!!