The Cricketers – Cobham

I have been ill for a few days so the thought of going out today for a lovely Sunday lunch was joyful. I ate only one meal yesterday and was starving!!!!!

Off Bradley and I went to The Cricketers in Cobham. We had a table booked and I am glad we did! On arrival the place was packed. We were given a lovely cosy table near the television so we could watch the rugby (joy for Bradley) which was a great view, when the man in the table in front of us decided to sit down! What’s wrong with people?!

Price wise, its not cheap – standard I would say. For some strange reason (and I really hope I am not pregnant) I fancied sausages and mashed potato? I had the Surrey Farm Pork & Apple Sausages (£13.00) and can honestly say, whilst I could only quite manage to eat 1 of the 3 served, I can hand on heart say they were the best sausages I have ever eaten! Sides are priced at £2.95 and I also had 2 Portobello Mushrooms.

Bradley, my creature of habit, had the New York Strip Steak. It was 12oz and quite reasonable at £22.00. Accompanied with a side of sautéed peas & cabbage that were so good, we asked the chef how they were made!


Every single member of staff we encountered were amazing. From the first person to greet us to our waitress whom asked if we wanted pudding and when we declined promptly brought the bill and took payment quickly. Maybe they needed the table back, maybe they were just efficient but we loved it. I hate asking for the bill only to have to wait 30 minutes for it. Our bill came to £55.00 in total as Bradley had a couple of beers. Quite reasonable I think.

I have just passed on a recommendation to the family and I am looking forward to going back when I feel better and can sample some of the wine!