Facebook turns 10…?? I thought it had been here forever!

I cannot recall (vividly) the time before Facebook? I know Facebook is still relatively young at age at 10 but seriously, can you remember when you didn’t while away hours on Facebook on a Sunday?

It seems today we use it from everything from planning our birthday party to using it to chat so as to save on our mobile phone bills.

Pre-Facebook how did you know who from school got married, divorced, or fat…? How else could you stalk your boyfriends ex-girlfriends without going to jail?


It feels like we have been privy to Facebook for a lifetime and if the interview with Mr Zuckerberg is anything to go by, its going to be around for a while longer.  In a recent interview with Forbes, Zuckerberg credits simply “caring more” for Facebook’s success… (read it here)  and we know there are a lot more features to come that will hopefully keep us intrigued for that bit longer.  People still haven’t got the hang of GooglePlus and tend to use Twitter more in a business sense.

Facebook is constantly evolving and adding features that we may or may not deem useless (useful).  I still think the ability to see whom had clicked on your profile the most was most useful for weeding out stalkers however the feature was quickly ripped away as soon as we discovered it.. why I ask, why????

Facebook has, I think, the ultimate platform for professional and personal usage and by shear reach alone, I think it remains (at the moment) one of the most influential tools in social media.

What do you think?