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How Apple’s iWatch can revolutionize the Events Industry

How Apple’s iWatch can revolutionize the Events Industry

Now, as you all now I am a huge horophiliac and when I heard about a blog that had my two loves in it, watches and events I had to check it out and share ASAP.

Hope you get as excited as I did reading this amazing and exciting piece.

In August 2011, Apple filed a patent titled “BI-STABLE SPRING WITH FLEXIBLE DISPLAY.” This points to the start of the evolution of wearable technology. We look at the patent filing in detail and make some predictions on how wearable technology such as Apple’s rumoured “iWatch” can possibly revolutionize the Events industry:

Real-time video streaming

In the patent filing, the term “wearable video” is mentioned no less than 28 times, so there’s no doubt that video will be a big thing for iWatch. Imagine short video introductions of each session or track to…

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