Whats App(ening) in your events

A month or so ago, I suggested using WhatsApp to talk to each other during an event and it worked so well, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before.

WhatsApp has featured in the media a lot recently, for the reported 19 Billion buyout by Facebook.

To those of you living under a rock, WhatsApp is basically a cross-platform messaging system that allows you to share messages, video content and pictures without having to pay a charge for an SMS. In short, genius, and when running an event and you need to be in touch with your team (wifi pending) it’s the BEST way to stay in touch!

Its simple to setup a group. Go to your home screen, go to new group, upload a picture, give the group a subject and then add your contacts. My friends and I have set up a group for our up-coming trip to Vegas. It’s great to share information, diet tips and motivate each other during the course of the day if we are about to hit the Mars Bars!

Why not give it a go for your next event! walkie talkies are so 80’s!