My week in events with celebs and all!

I have just arrived home after my first full week back to work after the dreaded man flu and what a week it has been.

Monday night we held a Q&A at work with a very high-profile speaker and public figure that has received great feedback.  For this event I took the initial brief and started work on it but when I came down sick, my colleagues had to take it forward and they did an amazing job!  It was disappointing not to be there as I always enjoy working with public figures and celebrities; maybe I enjoy it so much as I do not get as star struck, which enables me to stay focused.

A celebrity is just a person doing a job, in the public eye.   They are no better than you nor I, their work just ( I believe) gets more interest and they really shouldn’t be treated any differently than you would treat someone else you work with! I am sure that they would say the same (well, most of them).

Tuesday was a non-Event day work wise but after work I headed out for my best friends birthday to Camden to a place called Sen Nin .  On a Tuesday their whole menu, and drinks are 50% off.  We all enjoyed the set menu which came out to roughly £20.00 each (half price) and I seriously couldn’t eat it all.  From starters of sushi, dumplings and chicken skewers to chicken and beef cooked in front of us, rice, noodles and then more vegetables…so much food! Some people even managed a desert as well, I just couldn’t do it.  I think Sen Nin  would be great to hire as a whole venue for a private party.  The Chef and whole preparation of the food is very theatrical and it would be great to have it all to yourself.  Was such a fun night and Meaghan had a great birthday. 

                                                           megs birthday 2 megs birthday

Thursday was another day free of Events however I had a lot to do for upcoming seminars and a big conference we are working on. I was at my desk all day, its nice once in a while but I prefer the buzz of running around organizing an event! In the evening we had work drinks.  Now, I had set myself a limit of 2 so I could go home and get some work done however my naughty friend Serena tempted me into having 4.  Needless to say I didn’t get any work done when I got home, called someone a rude name that cut me off on the tube and found myself asleep by 9.00 pm which is probably a good thing!

Friday was more desk time and event preparation for next week and  a quick drink with my colleague at Madison which was glorious in the sunshine! If you haven’t been before, get up there. Whilst I am slightly biased because its where I had my first date with my fiancee, it really is fabulous in the summer with an amazing view of St Pauls Cathedral.  I really cannot wait for summer!!


Later that evening, I  had birthday drinks again for Meaghan at McQueen in Shoreditch  which really is an amazing venue.

I have wanted to get to McQueen for some time however I never seem to get the time.  I have received copious amounts of marketing from them asking me to do a site visit and now that I have been, I wish I had gone along some time ago.  McQueen would be perfect for a drinks reception or private dinner.  The decor is just fabulous.  We had an area reserved and were very well looked after. They run a special of 2 cocktails and a platter for £20 up until 8 pm.  I think we ordered 5, needless to say I feel quite sorry for myself this morning.


mcqueen 3

I am so glad that it’s now 11am on a Saturday with the whole weekend in front of me.  Bradley and I are off to Brooklands Hotel in Weybridge just near our home for breakfast on Sunday but apart from that, it’s just me, my blogging and my plotting for event world domination!