The Country Life Fair at Claridges

Being an event manager has its perks. Being an event manager and a member of the BNC (Buyers Networking Club) pretty much guarantees being invited to not only the best networking events, fam trips and parties but, it provides an amazing platform to bounce of event ideas and ask the group for advice and recommendations in corporate event planning.  The BNC is Europe’s biggest club for corporate event managers and I have been a member for years.  You can find out more about the BNC  here!

The Event 

Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend The Country Life Fair launch party at the Ballroom, Claridges via an invitation through the BNC.   The Country Life Fair takes place on the 27th and 28th of September and I am looking forward to it.  The fair is a luxury event to bring the country to the city and has exhibitors from all up and down the country giving guests the chance to sample, buy and  taste their products.  The event will also have a variety of celebrity chefs holding demonstrations.

claridges 3

On our arrival at just past 6.00 pm we were serenaded with the Rose Quartet whom were lovely and gave me some ideas for our wedding. The ballroom was absolutely packed with a lot of familiar faces from both the BNC and supporters of Country Life Magazine and the champagne was free-flowing.

The Drinks

I have 2 events to run today and will be at work from say 6.30 am to around middnight so keeping that in the back of my mind I could only have 2 (3) drinks and I made them count. It was such a shame as the wine was amazing (Sauvignon de Touraine Domaine de la Rochette, Château Mayne-Graves) and  alongside the wine, there was Harry Brompton’s London Iced Tea and a gin station by the very famous Elephant Gin company.  It’s so unfair!!!

The Food

As always with BNC hosted events, there was an abundance of food.  Claridge’s offered a variety of bowl foods including a fillet of Scottish Salmon, Beetroot & Horseradish and a Gourmet Mini Beef Burger.  I am pretty well versed by now with finding the door to the kitchen and positioning myself there. I sometimes forget at these events, we are all event managers and know the trick so there was quite the crowd!  The wait staff though were amazing and very patient when trying to get through the masses..

The Space

The ballroom at Claridges is heritage listed and has been recently refurbished.  It accommodates 250 for a dinner and 450 for a reception and you can imagine just how many society weddings have been hosted in this room, it is stunning and would make for a an amazing corporate gala dinner for overseas delegates.



I had an amazing time last night.  My only regret, as I said, that I had to make it an early one to get through my day today!