BNC Gala Dinner

On Wednesday evening, I was a special guest of the BNC to attend their annual gala dinner.  The dinner is to thank us lovely corporate Event Planners for working with them throughout the year.  We really should be thanking them though for all the fabulous information and networking opportunities they provide but hey ho, I am never going to tell them that.  If you don’t know whom the BNC are you can read about them here..

The event was sponsored by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and held in The Savoy Hotel and was, quite rightly, a Vegas theme with lovely leggy (am very very jealous) Las Vegas Showgirls at every turn.   They even directed me towards the bathroom and wished me a good time?! (do hope they meant the dinner)…


The Savoy 2

I was just 15 minutes late for the 6.00 pm reception where I made up for it by drinking a few (4) glasses of my favorite  Louis Roederer Champagne.  I am getting a dab hand at this networking and met a few other Event Managers whom shared my love of champagne and taking selfies and we had a great time swapping details and event stories.

Dinner was called at 7.00 pm but not before a fab performance by the Vegas feather girls whom then led us through to THE MOST stunning ballroom. The Lancaster Ballroom was designed after an 18th century Parisian salon and would be amazing for not only weddings but for any corporate event as the space is effectively a blank canvas, with no pillars to obscure your setup and a dance floor.  You can find out about the space and its capacities  here.


The Savoy 1

After a welcome speech and a few hilarious hat changes by the BNC (because they wear many hats of course) Kim & Alec gave  incite into a few of their new exciting plans for the club and then, dinner was served.  It seems every time I try and eat well (boring), temptation rears its ugly head… in no way, shape or form will dieting ever get in my way of eating at The Savoy so I succumbed!  I ate it all and every bite was amazing and worth the extra kilo I put on.

The menu we were served and the wine selection for the evening are below.  I stayed on the red wine and I have literally just goggled to buy some, it was so smooth and I had no less than 2 (which means 4) glasses!


Confetti of Provencal vegetables with glazed goat cheese and aged balsamic

Champagne and strawberry sorbet

Green olive and brioche crusted rump of lamb with Swiss chard, grilled peppers, basil-goat cheese potato gratin and shallot jus

Zesty baked citrus tart with blueberry compote and Chantilly cream

Vegas-inspired petit fours with tea and coffee


Portenova Pinot Grigio, Azienda Fratello Fabiano

Cotes du Ventoux J.Vidal Flery

Now, it wouldn’t be a BNC event without fab entertainment and  prizes and I had my eye on the first prize which was 2 tickets to Vegas and accommodation.  All this past week I  was planning when I would go again and who I would take however unfortunately, I didn’t win.  There were so many other prizes including a pair of sparkly Christian Louboutin shoes which would have been perfect for my wedding but no, I did’t win them either.  What I did win from the evening was not only an amazing night with lots of laughs, amazing hospitality and some fab contacts that I emailed the next day but, an epic hangover that I would say, 5 days later is still there, lingering in the background of my head! All in all, totally worth it and I can’t wait until next year!


The savoy 3