El Gaucho – Chelsea

A booking for 10 including one girl who hasn’t eaten solid food nor had a drink for a week is going to end up messy and, it did! I am currently so hung over I want to cry.. and be sick! So, last night 10 of us, headed off to Chelsea to El Gaucho for dinner.


el gaucho 4EL Gaucho 2

Prior to going, I googled to see what the menu was like, check the wine on offer etc and wasn’t really impressed with the website or their lack of social media options for me to announce, like a Queen, that I would be attending which was off-putting.  Who doesn’t have Twitter?!

Social Media aside, El Gaucho has 2 branches in South Kensington and Chelsea and imports its meat from Argentina weekly, vacuum packed rather than frozen which apparently guarantees its freshness.  The 2 restaurants are owned by former professional Tango dancer Luis Seygas whom says his parents were dedicated to “gastronomy”.

We had a table outside which was great because yesterday was really warm (for a change) and pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves for most of the evening which was lucky as we got through 5 bottles of wine, a jug of Sangria and about 12 beers finishing up with a round of Sambucca.  Needless to say today, my head is banging, whilst I will put my hand up, the shots where my idea, they never really are a good idea are they?

If you keep abreast of my blogs (lol) you will know that the day before, I had just finished a 5 day juice fast so was a bit worried about what to eat.  For starters, the menu had everything from Empanadas (£3.30) to Chorizo (£4.50) which looked amazing however I had boring (but tasty) corn on the cob (£3.50) which was nice but I wouldn’t sell my first born child for it.El Gaucho

For mains, we had to have steak. Your not really going to have a salad are you?

The group split 50/50 on the 12 oz Rib-Eye served with 2 fried eggs (£22.95)  and the 12 oz Sirloin (£21.95) all which came with a side salad.  I love a steak and these were tasty, I would give them a 7 out of 10. I have had better and I am actually a bit bored writing these review so no, it wasn’t amazing!



Service wise was ok.  One of our steaks we had to send back twice until they got it right but they were very eager to get it right which is great.  Our waitress was very fast on the drink service but considering we were pretty much the only ones in, I would expect her to be.


Would I go back? Yes, not right away but I liked the venue and being outside and I did enjoy my meal it just wasn’t amazing!  The wine was though and the wine we choose for the night was the Don David Malbec (£27.95) and the Tapiz Malbec (£25.90) which were both selected by by Chief Wine Connoisseur, my fiancee.  Both choices were excellent and we will be definitely looking out for them in the wine shop!


El Gaucho 3