My week in events

I have just come back from a nearly 2 week holiday and on doing to obligatory email check on Monday, before my return on Tuesday I was overjoyed. For a 2 week holiday, I would be pretty much guaranteed at least 2000 + emails however this time… 38! Our amazing event coordinator had not only moved all my junk mail into an in-box daily but had gone through all my emails and filed the ones I didn’t need to see and just left the important ones! What an absolute star she is.

Coming back then on the Tuesday I was straight into 2 events in one day. I had an educational seminar and a summer (??!) party to run which both went off without a hitch despite the rain half way through the bbq and before I knew it, it was like I had never been on leave.

It’s always hard returning to work after such a long break but I felt renTHE BNCewed, inspired and ready to create amazing events! I love my job and I love being creative in it.  What I discovered the other day is that I also love being badge girl.  I actually love welcoming people, marking them off the list and giving them their badge.  I love the interaction and getting to know our clients! It’s not a part of the role I do that often but I will try and do it more now!

Next week sees 4 events in one week however not only do I get to have lunch with 10 other event professionals at one of Gordon Ramsay’s finest restaurants but, I get to attend the BNC event show.   Every event professional knows the BNC shows are the pinancle in the our networking calender so I am really looking forward to it.  Towards the end of the week I get to have lunch and write about a new restaurant just opened in the Square Mile.



Its going to be a busy week and I am ready for it but for now, its time for a wedding,  some wine drinking, home cooking and movie watching with my handsome fiancee! Happy weekend all


my husband