My Week in Events

Whilst it is still technically my “week”. I have half a day off this afternoon to deal with a plumber (which sounded a lot ruder when I said it to my fiancée) so I thought rather than enjoy a lovely afternoon at the pub, I would write my blog & hit the gym #looser.

My week in events has been overshadowed by a very exciting visit to the registry office early this morning to file our notice of intent to marry.  It’s all very exciting and can’t believe I am getting married in a few months.  Our wedding seemed like a millions years away a few months ago and now BOOM, am having bridal melt downs left right and center.  I am proud to admit though I haven’t cried yet – Bradley is amazing at helping me see nothing is worth stressing about and I have amazing bridesmaids and Brad’s sister Michelle has some super amazing connections!

registry office picturewedding planning

Personal events aside, I ran a dinner on Tuesday which resulted in the usual amount of no-shows! How do you actually get people to show up? I do it myself, I RSVP yes, it gets to the night and am tired so can’t be bothered to go, we all do it but lately, without fail I will always send an apology email, it is just basic manners, right and a habit we should all keep in this profession as we all know how frustrating it can be!

One epic event passed through London which I was privilegedtourdefrance the see.  The Tour de France (#fance)!  We were fortunate enough to be front and center when they went past.  I cannot imagine how much planning goes into that event. Everything has to be timed to perfection which is not one of my strongest event planning skills. Am a bit too laid back at times!

I had some awesome news that will hopefully see me being published in a new publication but that is on hush till finalised which was pretty amazing for me. I always fancied myself as Carrie Bradshaw which means if it gets confirmed I might need to take up smoking again!

All in all a pretty average week work wise but personally, pretty bloody awesome!