Are you a crier? – Monday motivation.. or not!

On doing the obligatory LinkedIn search pre-work tomorrow, the below picture is my recommended reading and it got me thinking back to a few times I have actually cried at work.


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Working in corporate events, or any events role for that matter, is super stressful. I don’t think people understand the amount of pressure that is involved… Sure, at the end of the day we may be just “party planners” but everything is so time critical and needs to be so well timed that it is a melting pot of emotions.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had no sleep before an early morning seminar, freaking out about whether I sent the reminder for the right date or whether I booked Lords for the right day and the worst, that my alarm won’t go off, I won’t get there in time and how will people cope if I am not there to run it!

I remember about 2 years ago being the last time I cried at work. I was running an evening seminar, everyone from av to support where stretched, tired and very reluctant to help and I just lost it. I like to do everything myself (note potential head hunters reading this…. I really am a team player) and because you literally can’t do everything yourself and need to rely on others, I get frustrated when I don’t get the support and for me, as its both personal and professional related, I cried.

The question remains though, is it ok to cry at work for personal reasons?  Yes, I think so.  Crying because  you are going through a personal crisis that is non-work related, people will not (I believe) judge your work on it and it makes you human. I say go for it! It shows you are an emotionally intelligent person.  Your colleagues won’t judge you.  The article How Not to Cry at work, by Janet Matta (read the full version here) says ” Sharing of real human vulnerability, when done appropriately and in context, can increase your connection to coworkers and improve working relationships” and it’s true.  Holding it in can result in your taking it out on them to distract your sudden mood change, and that isn’t great for anyone.

So next time you and your husband have a major fight and your in tears, tell your office buddy! You may even get a box of chocolates to cheer you up!