The Minnow

My parents are visiting from Australia at the moment, ready for our wedding in two weeks (woo hoo) and we wanted to take them to a restaurant on our lovely Thames and in the sunshine… we had a great seat outside and on arrival at The Minnow were served straight away.

We must have eaten at The Minnow 50 times and the food is always perfect. Being “The Minnow” they have an abundance of fish on offer and the majority of the people we were with yesterday ordered fish.  I ordered the spit roast chicken for one (mainly because I think it is funny to say spit roast) and asked for a side of mashed potatoes which was amazing and a great size for £12.95.  It usually comes with fries but I just fancied mashed potato which they happily switched for me.

My dad had the meal below.  The Grilled North Atlantic Salmon (£13.50) served with buttered baby potatoes, feta, peas, fresh mint & edamame bean salad.  It looked, and tasted amazing.

As I said above, we have been so many times and will continue to go back.  My only concern yesterday was that our order got misplaced and we didn’t get our baked Camembert in time so decided to cancel but that aside, the service was great and we loved the food.

Cant wait to go back and have my baked Camembert next time.

The Minnow 1  The Minnow 3

The Minnow 2