Cappadocia Restaurant – Walton-on-Thames


I have tried unsuccessfully, no less than 3 times to secure a reservation at Walton-on-Thames’s fancy new Lebanese restaurant Cappadocia and yesterday, I did.

By yesterday I mean I received a confirmation of a booking I requested the day previous which in itself isn’t good customer service but that’s not Cappadocia only issue!  Arriving slightly early for our reservation yesterday we were told they didn’t even have our said booking?! The restaurant wasn’t full, it was 7.00 pm, if you can’t find our booking just give us one if your 30 empty tables I say which eventually, they did.

Once we were seated we were given our menus, both wine and food, left for I am not joking 3 minutes before our waitress came back to take our order! Bradley takes bloody ages to order so no, we weren’t ready to! We were then asked (I am not even over exaggerating here either) 6 times, by 3 different people in the next 10 minutes if we were ready to order! Each time we said no, each person told us to “take our time” then promptly came back 5 minutes later…


When time came to actually order, Bradley asked our waitress what would she recommend, clearly stating we don’t like Aubergine.  Pretty much every recommendation included Aubergine, only towards the end of the process did she then say they could take it off (it still came out with Aubergine by the way)!

Rant over. On to the food.

The choices and the actual food was pretty amazing. Presentation was as it should be and quite a large size.  We started with olives (£2.60) and Cacik which was just like tzatziki (£4.60) which we both really loved.

For mains we both went for options from the authentic cuisine part of the menu.  Bradley went for Fistikli Kuzu Sarma(£16.20) which is “Rolled Lamb and Rump of Beef, stuffed with a special house blend of pistachio nuts, garlic and herbs, oven baked and served with grilled aubergines and red pepper puree. Chef’s specialty” which he loved and I went for Kuzu Incik (£14.90) “Braised shank of lamb cooked for hours in an oven with a subtle taste of fresh herbs topped with aubergine served with bulgur”.  I love, love, loved mine.  The bulgur was perfection and the lamb was melt in your mouth.  I also ate Bradley’s potatoes (because he is a machine and machines’ don’t eat potatoes?!) and I loved them too.

Please don’t be put off my review.  You really should try it for yourself as it could be just teething problems.  The food really was good and am sure they will sort the booking issue.  On Monday’s they have a great set menu, Wednesday is steak night and on Thursday’s there are belly dancers.

I give it 6 on the #fance rating.