11 tips for presentation Q&A sessions

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Most audiences like to be an active part of a presentation and contribute through their questions, which can result in a mutually beneficial interchange of ideas, information, opinions, plans, and concerns. The following rules help create an environment where participants can feel safe asking questions:

  • For large audiences, consider having standing microphones in the aisles for participants wanting to ask questions or make comments to the presenter(s).
  • Help presenters plan for anticipated questions, especially if they are addressing a controversial topic.
  • Pass out 3 x 5 cards for the Q & A session. Some people prefer writing a question rather than approaching the microphone. It also allows the question to be anonymous.
  • Arrange for questions to be submitted prior to the session to avoid the possibility of no one asking a question.
  • Instruct presenters to listen to the entire question before responding. If they begin to formulate‚Ķ

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