Waking up early for “the seminar”

I can already hear you yawning… I am!! As an event manager, the run of the mill corporate seminar, no matter what the topic, I would surmise evokes a general feeling of dullness compared to some of the other events we can use our talents for.  The fact that the majority are “breakfast seminars” means this event manager needs to get up at 5.00 am in order to get there in time.

For those of you reading whom aren’t aware of what a seminar is… let me enlighten you.  A seminar is a presentation or a lecture delivered to an audience. The focus of a seminar can be one particular topic or a group of topics with some sort of tie-up.

young businesswoman coffee break

In my previous role, I delivered quite a few seminars in the annual calender and at times, I do profess I love them as I am a detail person and a seminar is all about the detail.  At other times (sorry Boss if your reading this) they are so boring. If you are running a 4 hour half day seminar and you need to be in the room for the duration then I struggle. I can’t sit still at the best of times, never mind for 4 hours straight no matter the topic.

So, sitting in a seminar for 4 hours when you have you have been up since 5.00 am requires either a real interest in the topic at hand OR needs a few little tips and tricks to get them through.

What do you do to get through?

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