Dear Diary – Jason Vale 5lbs in 5 days

worth a try if you are trying to shift some weight!

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I feel like shit…..Seriously!  The biggest day of my life is in 99 days (my wedding) and in 2 weeks I am going to Vegas for my hens do! These are not the reasons why I feel shit though… I have been watching my weight for 6 months now and I have lost a total of 2 kilos! Not only does this suck but I feel so tired all the time! I can’t even stay up past 9 pm to “relate” to my fianceé (sorry mum I forgot to wait for the wedding night) but I just generally feel gross so today I am off to buy a juicer, £50 worth of fruit and vegetables and tomorrow I will embark on the Jason Vale’s 5 lbs in 5 days juice plan!

jason vale

You can read all about Jason Vale here, I like him, he is uber chirpy and if that’s what…

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