These views are my own #fired

We all do it don’t we? We Twitter users believe that by adding those 5 words to our bio’s will stop us from being sacked for saying rude and inappropriate things even on our own personal Twitter account.  I do it.  It’s not that I plan on being rude and inappropriate but I want to emphasise the point that this is my own personal account and has nothing to do with the place in which I am employed.  To be frank (don’t call me Frank) anything that you say that reflects badly on you and you as an employee of your named company can get you fired.  Click here to read how these very inappropriate Tweeters were fired after their Tweets!

Working in Events is hard.  I know many of the people working in corporate do not name their company and try to keep their Tweets their own which is fine.  I just think people need to realise that even if you don’t mention where you work, it’s not hard to find out (ever heard of LinkedIn anyone) so be careful what you tweet!

Breakfast tweets

According to  Work Smart UK (click here)  their best advise is to not associate your employer with your social media accounts at all which is what I will continue doing.  That and not being rude and inappropriate might just save you!