The five best moments of your life

I’m reading a novel (chic lit) on my holiday and there was a part of it where one character asked the other to tell them the five best moments of their life in order to get to know them better. It got me thinking about mine.. There are lots of moments I’ve shared with other people and I know for example that seeing my sister married in a few weeks will also be one of my favourite moments but in terms of my thinking about my own, it’s a nice reflection to do!  Don’t get me wrong,  I’ve equally had a lot of terrible moments but that’s life and it’s the bad things that make the good things amazing! Here goes:

Number 1

Photo courtesy of Marshall Hall Photography

Our wedding day. It really was amazing!  We were married in Dubrovnik, Croatia and everything from the string quartet to the way Bradley looked when I walked down the aisle to the first dance will stay with me forever.

Number 2

Meeting Bradley! I still remember where he was standing, what he was wearing and everything about our first, second and third dates. He is my world and my very best memory.


Number 3

Climbing Adams Peak in Sri Lanka. We had to get up at 1 or 2 am to start the climb as it took like 4 hours, uphill all the way to make it up the hill for sun rise. When we finally made it up there, legs shaking it was stunning and I remember thinking wow, what a privilege it is to have been able to do this!


Number 4

Getting the call to say I had got the job as a virgin flight attendant. Virgin Blue was setting up a brand new airline in Australia and just randomly, I applied and got the job! It was so glam when the airline first started and I felt very privileged to be flying for them. It was some of the best years of my life and I got to see the whole of Australia!

Number 5

My first ever International flight and overnight and waking up in Paris. After flying for Virgin, I moved to Dubai and flew for Emirates. My first ever flight was Dubai to Paris and I remember waking up that next morning thinking holy shit! I’m in Paris for work!!! Great memories from my time in Dubai 14917_10152588832741224_2540176377534924368_n