The Power of Twitter #eventprofs

Last night I met up with 7 lovely people who I have met mostly through social media and had the best time.  We met up in the fab Rumpus Room at the Mondrian Hotel.  The bar is amazing and you can read about it here.

Three of us had originally arranged for a catch up to talk about events, social media and everything in between. At about 9.00 am, a tweet like below was sent which resulted in 3 others asking to come along and then another and then another and so it continued!


From that one tweet, I was fortunate enough to make 3 new contacts, share a few event related tips and tricks and managed to book the private dining room at the Mondrian for an event in the process.

Social media is so powerful and I can’t wait to see how our group grows.  If your reading this and want to be involved either as an #eventprof or as a venue wanting to host us email me here!