My Event Bucket List

In the last two weeks I have introduced a bucket list at work.  The lovely ladies and I have stared a weekly bucket list of things we want to accomplish in the next week.  The list is everything from go to the gym 5 times this week to emailing our moms.  It got me thinking about my events’ bucket list so here is my top 5 locations I want to run events in the next five years:

  1. The Rainbow Room – NYC – I have been to NYC 15 times and it is one of my favourite places.  Every time I go I can visualise all the amazing conferences or events I could do there. The Rainbow Room opened in 1934 and was THE celebrity place. It has been mentioned in everything from a JD Salinger novel to numerous shout outs in Friends and to me, it is the epitome of NYC and to do an event there would be fab! 
  2. Grand Hotel, Wein – ViennaVienna is just stunning and to hold a conference  or a meeting followed by a Viennese themed ball would be amazing.  This hotel is breathtaking. You need to have a look!
  3. Burj-al-Arab – DubaiI lived in Dubai for two years so am well versed with all the amazing venues.  Despite living there, I have run only one event, in the Mall of the Emirates,and would love to do something at some of the more opulent locations. The Burj-al-Arab has some amazing spaces for meetings & events.  Who wouldn’t want to hold a cocktail reception where Tiger Woods teed off. 
  4. MGM Grand – Las Vegas – Ahhh Vegas. I have only ever been to Vegas for holidays and running an event in the 6000 person capacity Marquee Ballroom would be just fantastic
  5. Galle Face Hotel – Sri LankaMy husband and I stayed here a few years ago and it is so regal and the hotel is just so grand. I would love to run a smaller event here with a gala dinner in the grounds.  Everything about this hotel is perfect.  Great distance from the airport, amazing service and just beautiful.  

What are your top 5?