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Periscope for #eventprofs

I certainly wasn’t the first Event Manager to see the merits of using Periscope to showcase Events and I don’t think that I’ll be the last BUT at the moment, there really aren’t many of us doing it and I don’t understand why!

Periscope is taking social media by storm, it is Twitters’ latest venture and put simply, it is a video streaming platform.  It lets people “follow” you, recieve a notification when you are broadcasting and lets them watch a live stream of what you are doing wherever you are across the globe.  In the event world you could be watching a live stream of the Mardi Gras in Sydney and the next day joining a broadcast of an awards ceremony in Las Vegas.

Kate and I of #eventprofslive use Periscope for our venue show rounds and networking events and have had a great response so far. I don’t think people would forgo attending an event to sit at home and watch it via Periscope but it is great for those people wanting to come along but are unable.

Your broadcast videos sit on users home pages for 24 hours after the event.  I follow a lot of motivational speakers and tend to watch their broadcasts on the train to work. I can’t see the limitations at the moment.  I think its great and will be broadcasting tomorrow evening from our event at The Dorchester.  You can follow me here and check it out for yourself.

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