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Ladies lunch at South Place Hotel

I use the term “ladies” loosely. We start our lunches off very posh, polite and pretty and usually by the end of our lunch at least half the group is slurring and speaking level has become shouting.. #class

That said, ladies lunch once a month has become something I very much look forward to and this month, we went to South Place Hotel, just by Moorgate station.south place 1

South Place Hotel offers a bottomless Bellini brunch were when you purchase as least 2 courses, you can have bottomless Bellinis, Prosecco or Mimosas for £15.  The menu is fab and offers everything atypical of a brunch menu.  I personally went for the smoked chicken cobb salad which to be fair, I could have just had that and been fine but as we “had” to have two courses, I also went for the Longhorn Rump burger with bacon and cheese and a side of chips (obviously).  My group of 10 tried a variety of things but to me, the omelette and the fish and chips looked the best.south place menu

The bill came to £40 each and we had A LOT to drink. I would highly recommend it and I know I will be going back! If you want to know more or book, click here! 

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