Change up your social media

If social media is deemed to be the necessary channel for your online marketing when promoting events, then why do so many people waste the opportunity when it comes to promoting their events.  I think (on average) I check Twitter about 5 or 6 times a day at varying intervals. What always gets me, is that all this great content is being shared however it is essentially the same message, shared the same way, spaced out over the course of the day.  We are event managers, we are creative… why are we sending out the same content multiple times?

If for example you are promoting a seminar there are a multitude of ways you could promote it without saying the same thing each time. Lets take Twitter for example, you have 140 characters so make them count.  For a typical seminar I would set up a content calender to share Tweets evenly throughout the course of the week (depending on the stage of promotion of the event i.e. save the date, invitation, advising of speakers etc).  If it is the initial stages and all you have is the date in the diary, no speakers, but are aware of rough content, you could come up with so many different ways to promote the seminar that doesn’t have to say the same thing.  The only thing you should be sharing in the same tweet is your event hashtag.

“competition law in China is changing.. want to know more? register here #complawchina

“register now for a place on our seminar on Chinese competition law” #complawchina

“save the date #complawchina”

“with speakers about to be announced, don’t miss out #complawchina”

You get my drift. Please, we are one of the most creative industries, don’t just post the same tweet every 4 hours or so.  Get creative!