Eventprofslive event at Chel-Ski

Hands down, our event last Tuesday was one of my favourites we have done for Eventprofslive and I was only a spectator.

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I really struggle with ideas for team building events and some of the better ones have been done to death. With Chel-Ski, I’ve found group activity gold. Chel-Ski only opened in December last year so your forgiven if you’ve not yet heard about them. Located in the heart of Chelsea, they provides a controlled setting for ski and snowboard lessons and a bit of training.  The best way to describe it is a huge treadmill covered in fake snow carpet  and our group loved it.

Our event actually started next door at Clip n Climb which is a series of climbing walls that you tackle whilst “clipped” into a safety harness. Our members had a great time and if I could post the video of the lovely Karis on one of the climbs without her killing me, I would. She had a ball and I have seriously never laughed so much in my life.
After spending about 45 minutes trying various climbs, jumps and slides, our group moved through to Chel-Ski and tried their hands on the slopes and I couldn’t get them off… even for a drink.

Now you’re not allowed, quite rightly, to consume alcohol before you climb or ski but you can afterwards so the group had a few glasses of bubbles and tucked into some pretty amazing fondue and canapés. The cafe has a variety of menu options available to groups and the fondue was pretty amazing.

As a venue for corporates, this is a pretty great option.  It is something different, interesting and I imagine with clip-n-climb would bring out everyone’s competitive side. You can find more details on pricing via their websites here and contact the lovely Jo Whittaker for further information!