London based Flight club is very hot right now and quite rightly so. It seems people just can’t get enough of darts and after a few throws last week with darts expert Justin Irwin, I can see why.

I like to think outside of the box with my events and try to do things a little differently so, I threw out a question to my social media network a few months back asking how to find a darts expert. The lovely Amanda Thurlow came back with a suggestion to check out the Capital Arrows website which is a fab website that helps you find darts pubs in London and also has a lot of really great information on darts.  The website lead me to Justin (phew… see the power of social media) whom I then contacted and the rest is history.

Justin has now come along to two of my events in which I hired the private room at the Three Lords pub in Aldgate and my clients have loved it.  Justin is amazing with the guests and is very flexible in terms of how you want the event to run. He will come back to you with a suggested itinerary and in, in the case of my latest event, adapt to a not so structured event and let people get a feel for darts at their own leisure.

I really hope to do another darts event soon and if you are looking for some help for your event, I would recommend you get in touch with Justin here.