May the 4th can do one, July the 4th is where it’s at for me…

July 4 looks set to be the “official” date when hotels can start to open and what an utterly marvelous day that will be. As someone who spends at least one night a week in a hotel, I can tell you they have been sorely missed and I have spent a good part of lock-down speaking to my hotel clients and advising on the state of play for corporates (where they can speak). We have been looking at what we feel is necessary to facilitate a safe return to hotels with our events and how we corporates feel generally. It’s been great as it’s meant I have been able to keep in contact with all my lovely hotel friends and make me feel like I am still getting to experience at least a little of that hotel magic.

With now only five weeks to go, I am really starting to get excited and am working hard to not only book myself in but, to get all of our lovely corporate event managers back to properties via Eventprofslive.

Where is the first place you are going to stay when you can?