Goal Setting

This week I have facilitated training on goal setting both at a personal and organisational level and focused on how crucial goal setting is for personal and professional success. We also talked through the different between tasks and a “to-do list” and how people generally tend to confuse the two. I am currently undertaking a life coaching course as I have been working with so many clients over the years, I want to make sure I am giving them my best and I am loving the course!

What I took away most from the sessions has been the focus on eliminating those goals or tasks that aren’t adding value or importance and throughout my career I can’t tell you how many times I have seen colleagues spend time on writing a to-do list each day, crossing it off and then copying over leftover items to a new list for the following day just to start the process again. If something is on your to-do list for the day, make it a priority and get it done. If you aren’t doing it, is it a priority if you can move it to tomorrow?! We talked in the training in outlining if something is an A, B or C goal in the level of its priority. If it is a C, it’s not important so you can get rid of it. If it is a B, move it to an A or move it to a C and if you’re moving it to a C, get rid. Simple.

I get a lot done during my day and I work to differentiate between tasks and goals. Most of what I have talked about above is a task, try not to get the two confused.

A goal should be clearly defined and challenging (but not overwhelming), it should challenge you to strive to achieve, push you out of your comfort zone and afford you a great sense of pride when you have “crossed it off your list”. You should make your goals things you want to achieve both short and long term and I also find using the SMART methodology to outline them can help.

I, this morning have set five goals I want to achieve by the end of the month and I will work diligently to achieve them, not as a “crossing off” exercise but to better enrich my life, my knowledge and help me to work towards the person I want to be. I talk a lot about every single person having the capacity to achieve ANYTHING they set their mind to and you really can. Each of us have the capacity to do this so get chase your dreams…

Have a go this morning writing your goals for October before the month starts… If you need any help drop me a line, I would be delighted to help you outline where you want to be and how we can get your there!