All the F’s

I want to start by saying that what I am about to share, is what works for me, everyone is different and my approach to everything I do is always to follow my own lead. I draw my motivation from myself, I compete against myself and have learnt never to compare myself to anyone else. These past few months I have been completing a diploma in life coaching and whilst that might sound like a shift from events, it really isn’t. I have been coaching and mentoring amazing #eventprofs for years and I thought if someone is trusting me to help guide, shape and enhance their life, then I want to ensure I am giving it my all and learning all I can to be able to do so.

In my coaching, I always focus on what I like to call my F’s. The F’s stand for the following and I have them written down next to my bed. An avid fan of the 5 am club, I use those few extra hours of the day to work towards ticking each one-off. I get a sense of accomplishment from doing it, it makes my life feel well rounded and it means that when I start work then that is my focus and my focus only. It also means that when I log off (or leave work in our old pre-covid world) then I get to have a life as well. If I don’t get to do one first thing then I do them after work.

So, here we go. The idea is that I do one thing towards each F each day:

F – Family

The most important F. Family is more important than anything and for this F I try to call my sister or do something nice for my husband. I know that in essence, you shouldn’t need to be reminded to do something nice for your husband but sometimes he drives me nuts! lol

F – Friends

I have friends all over the world and I think each day about my friends and work to reach out to them to say hello or just a general check-in. I have a Whatsapp group with one bunch of girlfriends in Australia so by the time I wake up there could be 600 messages and I love reading each and every one. Make time for your friends, reach out to those you haven’t spoken to for a while. It makes me so happy.

F – Fitness

I LOVE to workout. My first job ever was in a gym, behind reception and if I don’t work out first thing I feel crap all day. I try to do something each and every day. As I get older I need to change things up depending on how my body feels but by working out each day I know I can tackle anything. As one of my favourite trainers on my Peloton App (Jess Sims) says, “this is tough but you are tougher” and I keep that notion with me all day. I know I can tackle anything if I work out.

F – Finances

Right bear with me for this one, this is not an everyday thing but it can be. Think about what you are spending, what you are saving, think about your future finances. It may be as easy as sorting out my pensions into one combined account, paying a bill, switching to a different provider or it may be facing a sneaky credit card bill that you have been putting off. If your finances are in order I feel it gives you a sense of calm.

F- Focus

I use my focus as a way to learn. Each day I spend time on my course or reading or learning. I always have a self-help, motivational book on the go as well as a novel. I am always enrolled in a course of some sort as well. I think by diverting my attention there even for just an hour a day also helps me to feel satisfied at the end of each day. You can do this F on the commute, before bed or in your lunch break. If your finances are tight there are so so so many courses on offer right now. I did Digital Marketing at the start of lockdown for £12.50.

F- Fun

I put this last but it’s the most important. As I write this I received horrific news about a family member passing away suddenly this morning and I always operate on the premise that life is so incredibly short and can be taken away in an instant. I have had this phone call a few times in my life and it really emphasizes that you need to find joy and do something each day that makes you happy. My happy time is cooking, drinking wine and dancing to bad 80’s music. That’s my fun. My fun is playing with the dog, I have fun doing stupid shit with my husband. Find what makes you happy and try and do something each day that works for you!

Well that’s it, the secret to my motivation, what brings me balance and how I ensure my life is well-rounded. Again, this is my list – find what brings you balance and go for it. If I can help, let me know!

Now go get it!