Ascot racecourse

As I write I am well aware that we just two weeks into our four-week lockdown here in England but alas we are on the home stretch now which means it’s time to start thinking about returning to business and by that I mean, getting back to in-person events.

Now, anyone that knows me knows how obsessed I am with the outstanding hotels, venues and spaces we have here in the South East and all on my doorstep. For the next few weeks, I am going to work to re-visit as many of them as I can starting with everyone’s favorite racecourse – Ascot.

For meetings and events, Ascot has a new set of rules (we all do right??) where they offer a safe environment for your events all whilst abiding by those all-important social distancing rules. When we start to move people back to in-person events my first thought is to source venues with an abundance of space and venues with an array of indoor and outdoor options which Ascot certainly has. In light of Covid, all of Ascot’s main meeting and event spaces have been re-evaluated – you can check out their revised capacity charts here. 

Around six weeks into the pandemic, Windsor Mice and I sat down with Ascot to record a Podcast episode on all of the wonderful things they were doing to celebrate what I believe was a fantastic initiative to fuse all of the excitement and steep tradition of Ascot as we know and love it to Ascot “at home”. Ever since Ascot has been so innovative in the way they have worked to ensure their event offering remained Covid compliant and most importantly to us #eventprofs a safe place to return to for our events. Ascot and their AV Partner, ITV have professional TV-style broadcast production facilities on-site as well which I wasn’t aware of. You can present in front of your custom-built TV studio, set or Green Screen to produce virtual events as well or, use the facilitates in conjunction with your in-person event and thus taking Hybrid to the next level. They have thought of absolutely everything. 

I can’t wait to see in-person and our new hybrid events start to come back. I think it’s all us Event Planners talk about and I know that if you are looking for a venue steeped in so much history with that touch of something unique then please do consider Ascot. Ascot is a short train ride from central London, has plenty of parking and a preferred partner programme for accommodation as well which means they have an option to suit pretty much any type of event.

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