Cycling to see my event friends

I was so looking forward to the World starting to return to a degree of normality come 1 Jan and with that, the return to seeing my event industry friends. It feels like so long ago we all sat down at the M&IT event back in February. But alas, for now, this isn’t to be.

I have tried many things throughout the past year to keep my fellow Eventprofs and myself motivated, where I can. Kate and I have the Eventprofslive network which has proven to be a pillar of strength for myself and our members this past ten months. I started an Eventprofs Bookclub as well, which was so good to get to know so many different Event Managers that I hadn’t met before and read new books.

This lock-down promises to last at least another few months so I thought to myself, what can I do to challenge myself and to keep motivated & inspired and more importantly, what can I do to help others… and so, I bring you “riding to see my event friends”. If I can’t see my event industry friends in person, I will cycle virtually to see them.

First up… an 832-mile cycle to Cannes to see the lovely team at Raising Stones yes I said that right a 832 mile cycle!!!

832 bloody miles…

Raising Stones is a DMC that I have worked with and adore both personally and professionally, and I thought who best to see first on my virtual expedition. Over the years I have worked with the team on a variety of events from intimate dinners among the ornate, cobblestone-lined streets of Cannes to huge parties on the beach for MIPIM and everything in-between. They really are amazing and I miss catching up with them and, working with them on events.

I will make the journey within eight weeks and provide weekly updates on my blog and when I get close, I hope the lovely Pierre will cycle the home stretch (virtually with me). I am a somewhat novice at cycling so not sure what I have got myself in for! If I am anything, it’s someone who goes all in and then worries about what I have done after the fact so in this case, it’s probably for the best!

Whilst undertaking my ride, I will be raising money for the amazing charity, Meeting Needs. Meeting Needs is a registered charity founded by leading figures in the UK conference and events industry. Meeting Needs’ objective is to raise funds for worthy causes relevant to the events industry, and I am delighted to be supporting this initiative. You can donate here.

I know times are tough for many us, but anything you can spare will go a long way supporting a fantastic charity so crucial to our industry.

I will set tomorrow morning (8 January), wish me luck and follow the blog for regular updates.