First week in…

I am one week into my challenge to cycle from my home in Surrey to Cannes to see my DMC friends Raising Stones “virtually”. This week I have cycled 98 miles, and I have loved it so much. I set myself the challenge to raise money for Meeting Needs, a charity founded by my industry and, to challenge myself. I wanted to keep myself accountable and keep myself motivated through what is looking like another few months of lockdown. 

My week in the events world has been intense, we have certainly hit the ground running, and I’ve spent my week planning virtual kickoffs, working on various projects, managing my team and interviewing for an open role as well. I am approaching two years in my position and hand on heart. I love it. I learn something new every day, I have a fab team, and we are just doing great things but we are crazy busy for the third week of January and I know it’s going to be a busy year. So, it has been a busy week for me in events!!!

This week aside from work, I have also discovered the new social media-app of the moment Clubhouse so, I have been using that cycling time to work generally and explore this new app. I reserve judgement on it for now apart from note that I find it is a lot of people talking about themselves for the majority of each and every session rather than moderating a talk between a lot of voices. Again, I will reserve judgement for now, its only been a few days. I will say though that the time I have been giving to my cycling has helped me listen in and contribute to a few great conversations regardless! A massive shout out to my friend Nikki for the intro!

If you missed my blog last week, I chose to cycle to Cannes because I miss it. I have planned so many events in Cannes over the years and being unable to travel for work and having our special events industry pivot to virtual has left a little hole in my heart. It’s left a lot of us reminiscing about the “good old days” for those that traveled to produce events, and by writing about it, I can attempt to relive it… a little.

Over the next few weeks, as I update on my progress, I will also be sharing some case studies of past events I have run in Cannes. Am looking forward to what else I can achieve on my rides over the next few months!
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