Let’s start again

How can it be the first of February?

I’m hearing from people within my network and circle of friends that they lack any get up and go right now! Those New Years resolutions have started to fall by the wayside, and that’s ok; we have a lot to deal with right now.

Our lives are on the cusp of pre-pandemic normality. And whilst I’m sure none of us are going back to what (and who) we were pre-pandemic, we can come out a different version of ourselves ready to embrace every opportunity, a luxury not afforded to so many people, so I am fully appreciative of every single day and the opportunity to fill my life with things that both enhance and nourish it.

I’ve written about my F’s before. They are the framework by which I run my mornings. I’ve spoken about them presented on them to organisations, and now, I’m using them to guide a group of us each Tuesday and Wednesday morning for the month of February. A little “kickstart” if you would!

If you’d like to get involved, it’s easy. I will add you to our WhatsApp group, where we check-in at 6 am each Tuesday and Wednesday morning and then share our successes at the end of the week. 

I am re-sharing my framework below, and if you would love to join us, DM me @theeventsgirl on Instagram!

The idea is that you do one thing towards each F each day:

F – Family

The most essential F.

Family is more important than anything to me, and for this F I try to call my sister or do something nice for my husband. I might call my mother in Australia or put some of my attention towards planning a family get-together. Anything to do with family, nourishing your relationships, reaching out to a family member, or generally spending time with your family. 

F – Friends

I have friends worldwide, and I think each day about my friends and work to reach out to them to say hello or just a general check-in. Make time for your friends; reach out to those you haven’t spoken to for a while, go and see them or, put a date in the diary to catch up. This F makes me so so happy!

F – Fitness

I LOVE to work out. My first job ever was in a gym, behind reception, and if I don’t work out each day, I don’t feel myself. I try to do something every day towards my fitness. 

As I get older, I need to change things depending on how my body feels, but I know I can tackle anything by working out each day. As one of my favourite trainers on my Peloton App (Jess Sims) says, “this is tough, but you are tougher”, and I keep that notion with me all day. I know I can tackle anything if I work out.

F – Finances

Right bear with me for this one, this is not an everyday thing, but it can be. Think about what you are spending and saving; think about your future finances. It may be as easy as sorting out my pensions into one combined account, paying a bill, switching to a different provider, or it may be facing a sneaky credit card bill that you have been putting off. If your finances are in order, I feel it gives you a sense of calm.

F- Focus

I use my focus as a way to learn. Each day I spend time on my course or reading or learning. I always have a self-help, motivational book on the go as well as a novel. I am always enrolled in a course of some sort as well. I think diverting my attention there, even for just an hour a day, also helps me feel satisfied at the end of each day. You can do this F on the commute, before bed or during your lunch break. If your finances are tight, there are so so so many courses on offer right now. I did Digital Marketing at the start of lockdown for £12.50.

F- Fun

I put this last, but it’s the most important. You need to find joy and do something each day that makes you happy. My happy time is cooking, drinking wine and dancing to bad 80’s music. That’s my fun. Find what makes you happy and try and do something each day that works for you!

And that’s it, the secret of how I find balance in my life to get all the shit done I need to do – it’s getting up earlier!