Faith (not the George Michael song)

The drive today back from the hotel to the airport was one I which I was looking forward to! I’ve had not two minutes to myself this last week and I wanted to use the time to reflect on what we’d achieved and ways on which we could perhaps approve upon what we had delivered! What I got however was the chattiest Spanish man ever who entered the dialogue with a how old are you? Telling me I look 10 years younger was always going to get him a tip and whilst I am well aware this was his goal, what he doesn’t realise is that he gave something valuable (fiancé it’s not what you think)!! Ha ha we spoke about our ages and he said, “have you made it big”?! Have I? In all other areas of my life I am deliriously pleased as punch and happy but in terms of business? No, I haven’t! I have a great job doing amazing things but I want the moon AND the stars and so in answer to his question, no, I haven’t made it big! Flattering Spanish guy told me I have plenty of time which made my day and its true! I keep beating myself up about not yet achieving world domination! I have more ambition than anyone I know, it will happen, i just need to keep at it and so today, Spanish taxi driver gave me the faith I will get there!