Events and illness

Being sick this week with the dreaded “seasonal flu” has taught me a few things…

Anyone whom is an event manager knows that our jobs are different to most.  You can’t just call in sick and then switch off your phone and go into hibernation.  You need to download all of your meticulously planned events taking place whilst your going to be off from your head, (yes I know it should be filed in the system) and pass onto a colleague to take it forward for you.  The problem is though even when you do this, you still can’t switch off because you are always worried there is something you’ve forgotten to relay…. your constantly looking at your phone, waiting for a call!  Different event managers have different styles, my style is relaxed, other peoples are not… handovers are not always straight forward and people may need information from you you never even thought about!

Being ill this week has reiterated to me that being an event manager really is a 24/7 role. I check my Blackberry copious amounts of times throughout my evenings, I check and respond to emails on weekends and tend to even check it whilst I am sitting outside of one event, waiting for them to come out for coffee. … do we all do this I wonder?  Is there anyone working in this industry whom can just shut off at night when they leave the office?

Whilst I have been ill I have probably also watched to many episodes of House which has also taught me that life is way too short and at any given time either our lives, or the lives of our loved ones, could be taken away.  My family and friends are the most important things to me in the whole world and this week has really got me thinking about finding a better balance.  I never want just a job, I love having a career which is always going to be more consuming than most.  It’s what I thrive on but I do wonder what the solution to a better balance is? I can’t get up any earlier! All suggestions gladly received!