Looking for a new role

If you are an Event Manager looking to move onward and upwards, the following websites will help you find that dream role!

Seeing a recruitment specialist is very important and I suggest you touch base with at least 1 to get you going.  In terms of searching yourself then here are  my top 3 places to start your search!


Event Job Search 

Event Job Search currently has over 226 live vacancies.  They are, I believe, a first point of call for finding roles in our sector and I would always look to them first.

The Guardian 

Guardian Jobs is my number 2.  At the moment, there are over 1.532 jobs on their site, advertised by both direct employers and recruiters.  It’s very easy to filter down to find what you are looking for and a straight forward application process.


You may not event think about this site to look for your next role however Secsinthecity currently has over 400 live roles.  It’s not just for secretaries and you will find a lot of companies use the site for their PA’s and EA’s so will also use it to  recruit it their event managers on their as well.  Have a look, you may be surprised.


So if you have had a look at any of the sites above and found your dream role, make sure your resume is stellar to match.  If you have been in the same role for some time and not sure how best to present your resume, I would suggest having it done professionally.  It’s a relatively small cost and makes all the difference in producing a well presented resume to land you that dream role.  What a CV is a company that will help you enhance, create and produce the resume that helps you win that role.