Eating for one..

The other day I was watching a show, I think it was called “The Write Stuff” where they actually had a phone in and panel debate on whether going out to eat on your own was considered generally a bit sad.  People actually took the time to phone in to give their personal view on whether they would eat out alone, whether they had eaten out alone or whether they would consider it in the future?!

Personally, I wouldn’t nor couldn’t relate to anyone who would have to  think twice about doing it. It’s not sad or for losers. If you can’t be on your own what does that say about you? If you don’t find your own company interesting and can’t bear to eat a meal, in a restaurant, on your own I would seriously take a look at yourself.

Am I alone (ha ha) in my views? I think being alone has become a lost art.  200462297-001

I would think nothing of say going to Gaucho and ordering a steak and a glass of red wine and having dinner on my own if I felt like it. In fact, I have done it my whole life.  I have traveled on my own to different countries, I even went to Disneyland alone once because no one else wanted to go! Don’t get my wrong, I love my fiance, my close friends and family and love spending time with them but, I also need time alone and I strongly believe everyone should!

Try it, you will love it.. I promise!


“I have to be alone very often.  I would be quite happy If I spent from Saturday night to Monday morning alone in my apartment.  That’s how I refuel”…. Audrey Hepburn