Dear Diary – Jason Vale 5lbs in 5 days

I feel like shit…..Seriously!  The biggest day of my life is in 99 days (my wedding) and in 2 weeks I am going to Vegas for my hens do! These are not the reasons why I feel shit though… I have been watching my weight for 6 months now and I have lost a total of 2 kilos! Not only does this suck but I feel so tired all the time! I can’t even stay up past 9 pm to “relate” to my fianceé (sorry mum I forgot to wait for the wedding night) but I just generally feel gross so today I am off to buy a juicer, £50 worth of fruit and vegetables and tomorrow I will embark on the Jason Vale’s 5 lbs in 5 days juice plan!

jason vale

You can read all about Jason Vale here, I like him, he is uber chirpy and if that’s what juicing does.. I am on it!

IMG_8695[1] When I was deciding whether to do it, I found the usual blogs but nothing really honest. I wanted to know how much weight you lost, whether it sucked, whether you feel awsome, whether you end up broken up from your significant other from being a moody cow and all importantly, how do you survive without booze for 5 days!

For my last super tonight I had the biggest fillet steak, mashed potato and a bar of Caramac! (I have also done a whole bottle of champange).  The thought of no booze for 5 days is really bugging me but here goes! See you tomorrow for that all important weigh in!

Saturday 31st May – weight 68.8 kg (my summer 2013 weight was  about 63 kilos, if I can get down to that in five days I would be amazed).

So, I have woken up a little hung over and a little late. I am pretty sure you are supposed to do your exercise before your first juice but I haven’t been able to so will try and do it tomorrow. My run will have to be a little later (sorry Juice Master).  I had hot water with lemon on waking and, a ginger shot which was AMAZING and am now having my first juice.  This one contains a lot of different things and am fine with most of them…except Avocado.  I think its the devils food but as am trying to do this to the T, I have included it and hand on heart it is delicious.  It is so tasty, it’s huge and its taken me like 10 minutes to get through it. So far so good, next juice at 1.00 pm!

It’s 11.48 am – I am hungry.  I just made Bradley’s breakfast and 3 times I went to lick the spoon or eat a piece of cheese or eat the last few beans in the bowl – wowser, I didn’t do it but I wonder how many times I do this unconsciously.  My next juice is at 1.00 pm, I am going to lay on the couch all day and wallow, watching Dirty Dancing etc with the excuse that I have no energy through lack of food to do anything that will take up precious energy!

green juice

Time for my 7.00 pm juice and I am not ready for it because I know once I have it that is it for the day and I am not really to have my “last supper”!   I feel pretty shite.  I would have usually had a few coffees by now so am guessing that is where this epic headache is coming from. Part of this program is doing 2 x 30 minutes of exercise.  I couldn’t face it this morning so I have just gone for my usual run and done my bum exercises. OMG it was the hardest run and couldn’t even really manage getting my pace below 7.00 min per km which is terrible.  I will not quit – at least not before my weigh in tomorrow to see if it made any difference! I swear to god, if I get on the scales and haven’t at least lost 0.5 kilo, I will eat frozen pizza on the spot.  Every show I watch, every advertisement all I focus on is what they are eating!

Sunday 1st June – weight 68.3 (woo hoo 1/2 a kilo)!

I couldn’t face my final juice last night.  I went to make it at 8.00 pm and nearly vomited! I went to bed starving but awoke (to a drunken fiancee at 4.00 am) so got up uber early and had my hot water and lemon juice and then fell asleep for a while.  I woke up a few  hours later (on the sofa) and had this burst of energy and went for a 2 and a half hour walk. I shit you not, I don’t know how I had the energy for it but I did it.

After my mammoth walk, I then made all 4 juices for today and off I went for lunch with the girls in Richmond. Now, this was hard. I took my juice and drank the bloody thing whilst they ate their meals but one of my mates, Laura, had this steak and rice thing that I swear nearly turned me. I didn’t though and made it through another day. I still have my fourth and final juice for the day but again, I just don’t want it. Instead I am having a pear.. tasty and at least its better than the bloody pizza that my hungover husband that has placed in front of me!  I am hoping tomorrow, with the 14 km walk and just juicing that I will weigh in at under 68.  The juices for tomorrow are my favorite for the week (berry, nuts and yogurt) so I am actually looking forward to them! See you tomorrow scales!


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Monday 2nd June – weight 67.5 (woo hoo indeed 1 whole kilo)

I have woken up early to do my usual run and oh my goodness are my joints sore from yesterday plus, have had no sleep. I seriously was dreaming about food and juice all night, I am not kidding.

I have however renewed motivation as I have lost another kilo. That is 1.5 kilos in 2 days and with 3 days to go I am fairly certain I am going to drop the last 2 kilos I want before my holiday! yahoo mountain dew – it is however time for work, lets so how I go in that stressful environment!

It’s 12.20 pm and I have had my 1st and 2nd juices and they were both good. Surprisingly, the green juice was tastier than the berry smoothie.  Am going to have a piece of steamed fish for lunch. I need something to eat or else I will kill someone – am sure one piece of fish won’t hurt.  Chef at work has agreed to poach me some cod in lemon and parsley – oh thank the lord for working in events!

15.00 pm starving!

15.30 pm still bloody starving

16.00 pm finally juice time – tasted like heaven (not really just starving)

It’s already  nearly time to head home for my run and final juice; and have had a revelation.  By concentrating on juicing, I am finding I have a lot of focus work wise and feel quite sharp.  I guess usually you would have a sugar rush (snack) at 4.00 pm and my getting snack (coffee) would be a whole production but because I can’t, I have my head down and am focusing on work! #result

 Tuesday 3rd  June – weight 67.3

I feel really good this morning and was looking forward to my first juice.  Only .2 kilo lost but don’t care.  I am on my second juice for the day and just realised I was supposed to peel the orange before I put in juicer?! I have goggled and apparently I won’t die so happy days.

15.43 pm – not too bad, this is the first time all day I have felt tired.  I did have a little bit of smoked salmon for lunch as juice (as described above) was so gross that I couldn’t even drink it. I keep thinking that for giving up dairy, wheat, alcohol, coffee, tea, sweets & chocolate and pretty much all solid food…I actually feel not too bad for it (and smug)!

Tomorrow is my last day, it hasn’t been as bad as I thought and now that I have my mate Sarah on-board whom is also giving it a go, the support is making it easier to stay on track.  I haven’t done any exercise today,  I may well do when I get home but I am really hoping tomorrow, for my final day, I weigh in at under 67 which will give me the motivation to see this thing through!

Wednesday 4th June – Weight 67.3 km (whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!???) 

So, nothing lost on weigh in this morning but instead of being a deterrence, I am more  motivated to see today, my last day out! Up first I have a beetroot and blackberry juice.  It is rank, I will not lie but I don’t like beetroot. I am really missing the gym, because I haven’t  much energy, I haven’t done nearly as much exercise as I usually would so quite excited to eat something tomorrow and get back into it.  As I said above, you are supposed to do 2 x 30 minute sessions a day and all I have really been doing is 1 a day or a 30 minute walk.

12.19 pm – so, I have just yelled at two people and been very rude to three more – thank the lord this is the last day.. I may start loosing friends at work! Lovely catering is going to grill me some swordfish. I love them, more than life at the moment.  The swordfish was so tasty that I couldn’t stop talking about it all day. It’s my new thing now..  I will make swordfish extravaganza’s when I finish this thing.


Thursday 5th June – Weight 66.9 (YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

So I did it.  I am not good with sticking with things but I actually did it.  Granted I included a little grilled fish here and there but I am so proud of myself.  I feel not amazing, I wont lie.  I miss doing hardcore exercise, I haven’t had much energy and I have been so snappy and mean to almost everyone that for 2 kilos, I’ll be honest, its probably not worth it however…I needed a boost, I was feeling rubbish generally on the inside and so on that side of things, I feel renewed. I feel really healthy, my skin is actually glowing, my eyes are white and in terms of ailments. I have no Eczema on my hand which I have suffered with my whole life (no joke, Bradley calls is the claw), my teeth are white and I do feel slimmer as well as weighing 2 kilo less.

So, this morning I am able to eat anything in the whole world and I have made a smoothie – I will definitely incorporate juicing into my life, every day. I recommend juicing to everyone, it really does work and it isn’t really a chore.  I will make sure I juice every day and keep it going for the rest of my days.



  • obviously the weight loss
  • memory and mind so much sharper
  • more focused at work instead of what I am going to eat for lunch, where am I going to go and what time.. clock watching from 11.00 am to actually lunchtime
  • save money on booze and food and snacks and coffee and generally going out!
  • get a mate involved – the last few days with Sarah have been the best to keep motivated so definitely a pro



  • moody, grumpy, miserable cow the first day and  a half
  • not very sociable going out and not drinking – makes people feel uncomfortable
  • uttering the word, “no I can’t come to Nandos, I am juicing” makes you sound like an absolute dick
  • being mean to my lovely fiancee because I am hungry