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Motivation for Monday

Am fairly certain most people struggle with Mondays – in fact, its around this time on a Sunday evening that I start seeing the “Sunday night blues” posts on Facebook. This weekend (and particularly today) has been so sunny that I dare say most people will wakeup tomorrow slightly hungover.  As anyone bored enough to read my blogs knows, I love Mondays so here are my 4 tips to face it

Plan tomorrows’ outfit

This goes for you too boys. If you have a rough idea tonight of what you are going to wear tomrorow, you can save at least some of the pain of choosing what to wear only to find its not clean so get up now from watching the tv and do it!   It will take 2 minutes and put aside your Monday outfit.

Do your exercise first thing

Set the bloody alarm for one hour earlier.  One hour is not going to kill you and in the grand scheme of things, that one hour will not make much difference anyhow. So get up, do your run, hit the gym and then face Monday.  You won’t have to sit at your desk all day with it in the back of your mind, you’ve done it so that way, if tomorrow turns out sunny again you can go out for a cheeky wine instead.

Be nice to the Tube/Train man

I am done with seeing people be rude to TFL staff. It just shows you are an arogant, ignorant arse by being rude to anyone for no reason. I saw a girl shove our ticket man out the way last week becasue she didn’t want to be late for college and didn’t have a ticket. She told him she would buy one on the train. He said no, she had to buy it before she got on and she shoved him out the way! Be nice to people. you don’t know their circumstance or what they are going through and your being rude can be a final straw. Try and be nice to everyone I say.

Do one thing towards your dream tomorrow

It could be personal or career wise. Make that call, send that application, ask that girl out for a date.  On a Monday, you should start the week by doing one thing towards your dream.. If you don’t have any dreams, eat a Mars Bar..

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